Automatica, November 2005, Volume 41, No. 11


Automatica Prize Paper Awards 2005

IFAC Automatica Prize Paper Awards have been given since 1981, for outstanding contributions to the theory and/or practice of control engineering or control sciences, documented in a paper published in Automatica. Triennially three papers are selected for the award, in the categories of Survey, Theory/Methodology, and Applications. The funds for the three prizes are provided by the publisher of Automatica, Elsevier Ltd. The selection is made by the Automatica Prize Paper Awards Selection Subcommittee from among the papers published in Automatica in the previous triennium (in the present case, years 2002, 2003, and 2004, corresponding to volumes 38, 39, and 40) and Prizes are presented at the Opening Ceremony of the IFAC Congress. The subcommittee is formed under the IFAC Award Committee after each IFAC Congress, held triennially. For the 2005 awards, Abraham Haddad, Northwestern University, and Chang-Chieh Hang, National University of Singapore, had been appointed as chairs of the IFAC Award Committee and of Automatica Prize Paper Awards Selection Subcommittee, respectively. The members of the 2005 Automatica Prize Paper Awards Subcommittee were Sergio Bittanti, David Clarke, Graham Goodwin, Lei Guo, Hidenori Kimura, Mark Spong, and Tamer Başar. Automatica Editors were asked to identify candidate papers, and additional nominations were submitted by the subcommittee members. As a result of this process, the subcommittee selected the following three papers for the 2005 IFAC Automatica Prize Paper Awards in the categories of Survey, Theory/Methodology, and Applications, respectively.

“Time Delay Systems: An Overview of Some Recent Advances and Open Problems” by Jean-Pierre Richard (Survey). Automatica 39(10):1667-1694, October 2003.
Citation: This paper presents a comprehensive and tutorial survey of recent advances and open problems in time delay systems.

“Switching Between Stabilizing Controllers” by Joćo P. Hespanha and A. Stephen Morse (Theory/Methodology). Automatica 38(11):1905-1917, November 2002.
Citation: This paper presents pioneering work on guaranteed stability when switching between stabilizing LTI controllers with a suitable choice of realizations.

“Implicit Fault-Tolerant Control: Application to Induction Motors” by Claudio Bonivento, Alberto Isidori, Lorenzo Marconi, and Andrea Paoli (Applications). Automatica 40(3):355-371, March 2004.
Citation: This paper presents an innovative way of designing fault-tolerant control and its application to induction motors.

Congratulations to all the award winners! As Chairman of the selection subcommittee, I would also like to acknowledge the cooperation of the Editors and the time and effort of the subcommittee members.

Hang Chang-Chieh
Automatica Paper Prize Selection Subcommittee
National University of Singapore
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
9 Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117576