Automatica, February 1999, Volume 35, No. 2


New: Electronic Submissions of Papers for Review


In my Editorial for the December, 1996, issue I announced an experiment involving the electronic submission and review of Technical Communiqués. I also promised to report back on the experiment. Now, after two years, it has become clear that the experiment was partly successful and partly not.

Being able submit papers for review by e-mail in the form of electronic files clearly is an advantage for authors. It is fast, convenient and cost effective.

On the other hand, conducting a review electronically is not particularly convenient for reviewers. After having accepted to review a paper the reviewer needs to collect and print the paper. This extra effort is not compensated by the availability of the electronic review form, which did not become popular. Experience has shown that the turn-around times for electronically reviewed Technical Communiqués are not better than for the other TCs.

In view of this experience it now has been decided to move in two directions. With immediate effect, all papers (not only Technical Communiqués) may be submitted by e-mail. On the other hand, the electronic review procedure is discontinued at this time.


Papers may be submitted for review in the form of postscript or pdf files as an attachment to an e-mail message to the Automatica Editor whose subject area best fits the paper.

Submissions in hard copy form are of course also accepted. In this case six copies are needed.

For details please consult the Information for Contributors to Automatica, which may be found on the inside back cover of each issue, at the Elsevier Automatica website, and at my Editor-in-Chief's website

My Editor-in-Chief's website also offers other useful information, in particular an electronically searchable and fully up-to-date cumulative table of contents of all the papers Automatica has published since 1963, including keywords. There also is a list of the papers that will appear in forthcoming issues.

The e-mail addresses of the Automatica Editors may be found on the inside front cover of each issue and also at the www locations.

Every submission is acknowledged. The editors have their own arrangements for transmitting the submitted papers to the Associate Editors and the reviewers.

Huibert Kwakernaak