Automatica, October 1999, Volume 35, No. 10


AUTOMATICA Prize Paper Awards 1999

Since 1981, every three years IFAC and its publisher Elsevier Science award prizes for the best papers published in Automatica. One thousand Swiss Francs are granted for each paper, and the prize is presented at the IFAC World Congress. Traditionally, three papers are selected: one theory/methodology oriented, one applications oriented, and one survey paper.

For the 1999 prize, the IFAC Council appointed László Keviczky to chair the IFAC Awards Committee, and Romeo Ortega to chair the Automatica Paper Prize Selection Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Awards Committee. The members of the sub-committee were Messrs. M. Fliess, A. Isidori, P. Kokotovic, A. S. Morse, M. Spong, and M. Vidyasagar. A list of candidate papers was requested from the IFAC Editors, out of which the sub-committee selected the three winners. The prizes were awarded at the closing ceremony of the 14th IFAC Congress in Beijing.

The papers with their corresponding citations are:

"This is a most useful survey that, starting from the celebrated Youla-Kucera parametrization of all stabilizing controllers, takes the reader along many important developments in systems identification and controller design.''

"An excellent illustration of how, studying the structural constraints of physical systems, we can develop powerful tools for practical control systems design.''

"The author presents an innovative application of pattern recognition ideas to the ubiquitous problem of tuning the gains of a PID controller.''

Romeo Ortega
Automatica Paper Prize Selection Committee