Editorial, Automatica, January 1998, Volume 34, No.1

Call for Papers

Automatica special issue on Control Methods for Communication Networks

One of the most dramatic technological developments of our times is the deployment of communication networks such as the Internet and local area networks. This networking revolution is ongoing, and continues to raise fundamental challenges for control and communication engineers.

The control problems raised require new techniques and formulations, in addition to the traditional ones familiar to control theorists. Communication networks are large complex entities which support many agents, and have to handle demands with a wide range of quality of service (QoS) requirements. Together with the commercial nature of the offered services, this complexity brings to the fore problems of a game theoretic nature among the interacting agents, problems of how to price the services, of how to decide when to admit connections, and more generally how to provide and meet QoS guarantees through routing, congestion control, and flow control. The infrastructure of the network needs to be properly designed, and requires the investigation of the tradeoff between hardware cost and performance in switches and routers, the development of efficient scheduling algorithms, and the design of adaptive control methods that use appropriate distributed measurements of the current state of the network. Multiple access problems need to be solved for both wired and wireless systems.

The purpose of this special issue of AUTOMATICA is to bring togetherresearch and/or tutorial papers addressing the general theme of "Control Methods for Communication Networks." Subject areas of interest include:

Papers on other control problems in communication networks not covered by the preceding list are also welcome. All submitted papers will be subject to peer review as any other Automatica paper.

The time table for the special issue is as follows:

Submission deadline June 30, 1998
Expected publication date December, 1999

The special issue will be prepared by a team consisting of two guest editors, Venkat Anantharam and Jean Walrand (University of California, Berkeley), and Automatica Deputy Editor-in-Chief Tamer Basar (University of Illinois).

Prospective authors are invited to submit seven (7) copies of their paper, prepared as per regular Automatica guidelines, to

V. Anantharam/J. Walrand
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Fax (510)-642-2739 (VA)
Email ananth@vyasa.eecs.berkeley.edu (VA),
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Venkat Anantharam and Jean Walrand,
Guest Editors