Automatica, August, 1996, Volume 32, No. 8


AUTOMATICA Prize Paper Awards 1996

Since 1981, the IFAC Publications Management Board awards prizes of 1000 CHF each to a few selected papers. These prizes are awarded at the IFAC Congresses and cover the triennium before the congress. Traditionally three papers are selected each time; one theory/methodology oriented, one applications oriented and one survey paper.

For the triennium 1993-1995, the IFAC Council appointed a committee consisting of Lennart Ljung (chairperson), David Clarke and Michael Masten to select the winning papers. We have worked closely together with the IFAC editors, and are happy to announce that three excellent papers have been chosen. The prizes were awarded at the closing ceremony of the 13th IFAC Congress in San Francisco.

The papers with their citations are:

A.J. Sorensen and O. Egeland, Design of ride control system for surface effect ships using dissipative control. Automatica 31, 2, pp. 183-200 (February, 1995).

"With an excellent blend of theory and practice, innovative methods are developed for an important application. The paper covers the whole range of in-depth analysis, design and full scale implementation, and is thus a model for control research."

P. van Overschee and B. De Moor, N4SID: Subspace algorithms for the identification of combined deterministic-stochastic systems. Automatica 30, 1, pp. 75-94 (January, 1994).

"With deep insight, this paper develops a most useful and efficient method for multivariable system identification. The presentation covers numerical, statistical and implementation issues, and has had an immediate impact on best practice in identification applications."

R. David and H. Alla, Petri nets for modeling of dynamic systems - A survey. Automatica 30, 2, pp. 175-202 (February, 1994).

"This is a most useful survey that in a very pedagogical way gives valuable insight into the basic features of Petri nets, and also puts discrete systems clearly on the control theory map."

Lennart Ljung

Chairman, Automatica Prize Paper Awards Committee 1996

Last modified on June 22, 1996