Automatica, June, 1996, Volume 32, No. 6


AUTOMATICA Cumulative Table of Contents and Indices 1963--1995

Prompted by IFAC President Steve Kahne and on the initiative of Publishing Editor Michael Dawes of Elsevier by the end of 1995 the project of compiling a cumulative table of contents of Automatica was undertaken. Michel ten Bulte, student in my department and temporary editorial assistant for Automatica, spent 140 hours to input the information into a database.

The complete table of contents for Volumes 1 to 31 appears in the form of a supplement to Automatica. The supplement also contains author and subject indices. The cumulative table of contents will moreover be made accessible on Internet. An announcement will follow soon.

It is interesting to look at some bibliometric information.

The first issue of Automatica is dated January-March, 1963. It contains five papers. The names of almost all the authors are well-known until today. They include J. H. Westcott, R. Starkermann, H. H. Rosenbrock, S. S. L. Chang and M. Aoki. The first issue also has a report of an IFAC Symposium, although Automatica did not become an IFAC journal until the first issue of Volume 5 in January, 1969, with George Axelby as Editor.

It is fascinating to look over the tables of contents of the early volumes. In the 60s the control field could still easily be surveyed, and nine out of 10 authors have familiar names. Volume 1 (1963) has about 320 pages, and there are 20 authors. The size of Volume 31 (1995) is 1900 pages, with about 400 authors.

During the 31 years from 1963 to 1995 as many as 3026 items were published, including editorials, meeting reports and similar publications. Multiple contributions not removed, 5520 authors participated, comprising about 2800 individuals. Of these 2800 individual authors 1836 authored or co-authored only a single paper.

Table 1 lists the top ten (co)authors. All but two of G. S. Axelby's publications and several of those of H. Kwakernaak are editorials. When first compiled the top ten list contained the names Chen and Lee. They turned out to be many authors.

Soon after Automatica became an IFAC journal the authors were asked to list keywords for their papers. These keywords were used to compile the subject index. For papers from the earlier volumes keywords were added. Editorials and like publications are not included in the subject index. The subject index lists almost 3000 keywords with 12400 references.

Table 2 shows the keywords which are referenced more than 100 times.

Huibert Kwakernaak, Editor-in-Chief

Table 1. Top ten authors 1963-1995

Author                  Number of papers

G. S. Axelby                    45 
B. D. O. Anderson               32
E. J. Davison                   32
K. J. Åström                    25 
T. Söderström                   22 
R. Isermann                     21
L. Ljung                        20 
G. C. Goodwin                   19
P. V. Kokotovic                 19
H. Kwakernaak                   16

Table 2 Keywords with more than 100 references

Keyword                 Number of references 

Adaptive control                305
Optimal control                 277
Identification                  255 
Parameter estimation            244
Stability                       217 
Linear systems                  184
Non-linear systems              168
Robust control                  158
Discrete-time systems           143
Multivariable systems           140
Robustness                      140
Multivariable control systems   110
Optimization                    110
Computer control                104
Large-scale systems             103
Kalman filter                   102
Modeling                        101

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