Automatica, November 1996, Volume 32, No. 11


The AUTOMATICA and Editor-in-Chief's World Wide Web Sites

For the benefit of their customers, Automatica's publisher Elsevier Science maintains Internet sites in Europe and the USA as well as an ftp site The sites provides useful and important information about the Elsevier Science journals and other publications. Also Automatica has a home page, which has been "live" for almost two years. Consult it when you are looking for

There also is a guest book.

Recently, a separate site was established for the Editor-in-Chief's home page It is of course linked to the Automatica home page. Besides a welcome message, links to the Automatica home page and the IFAC and Elsevier Science sites, these services are offered:

The Editor-in-Chief's site will play an important role in an experiment with the electronic submission of papers that Automatica will soon initiate. The details will be announced in a later editorial.

Huibert Kwakernaak

Editor-in-Chief, Automatica